img Autodesk Maya Powerful 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution

Recipient of several awards for its professionalism and power, Autodesk Maya is one of the leading animation packages in the industry and offers powerful tools for 3D modelling, animation and rendering with a very large selection of effects.

Based on open architecture, all of the work that you perform in Autodesk Maya can be completed using a comprehensive API or one of the package's two embedded scripting languages. If you choose to use a scripting language, you can use Maya Embedded Language (MEL) or Python.

Autodesk Maya not only offers 3D visual effects that are standard in the industry, it offers computer graphics and 3D animation tools that have been used in professional films, on television and in games and modelling designs. The package features an interface that is very well organized. Tabs are used to separate dynamics from animation and both of those from polygons. When you click on one of the tabs, you will find more tabs. The advanced editing tabs separate rendering, animation, relationships and each of the other tools for easy use. At the bottom of Autodesk Maya, you will find a timeline that allows you to control your project, decide what you need to do next and see how it has developed thus far.

The Autodesk Maya package features lots of video tutorials and a large help menu with tutorials and links to extra resources. Because the package is so well-documented, Autodesk Maya is perfect whether you are a seasoned 3D animation professional or just starting to learn the ropes of the industry.


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